Bulk wholesale stacks / Bracelets

Bulk wholesale stacks / Bracelets

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Wholesale Beaded Stacks & Bracelets

Our wholesale beaded Stacks / bracelets base prices are $30 per stack for 3 stacks $25 per stack for 2  stacks and $15 for singles. We require a minimum order of 10  for 3 stacks  and 12 for 2 stacks and 20 for singles. The base price for the above amounts is $320 total which includes a $20 bulk order fee unless a larger quantity is added. All orders under the stated minimum amount is considered a custom order only and the discount does not apply. 

Each 3 stack contains up to 12 total charms per Stack randomly selected and three beaded bracelets consisting of colors randomly selected.  2 stacks contains up to 8 charms per Stack randomly selected and two beaded bracelets consisting of colors randomly selected. Singles contain up to 4 total charms per Bracelet randomly selected and one beaded bracelet. If you require a certain color please advise when it placing the order. We will try to accommodate but cannot guarantee any specific charms or color choices.  We make each set / bracelet different and unique and we  do not do any duplicates that are exactly the same.  Our charms are randomly selected and we cannot guarantee that each set will have the exact same charms , colors or specific charms. Please reach out via email before you purchase if you require additional information as we do not accept any returns or give any refunds. We require a 50% deposit on all bulk wholesale orders once order is approved. All deposits are non refundable.